About AthleteFIT

AthleteFIT began when Centers for Athletic Performance (CAP) and an advisory board of speed, strength and sports skill coaches decided to pool their resources to create an educational site for the thousands of young athletes that attend their sport specific training academies, camps and clinics each year. The AthleteFIT website has now evolved into the ultimate resource for team sport athletes, coach or parent to learn, train and track their progress over time.

Our ‘4-T Philosophy’

Designed to progress young athletes safely & effectively through each stage of development, this system of checks and balances allows us to continuously assess and progress our programs.

  1. Testing
  2. Teaching
  3. Training
  4. Tracking

In the past we were only able to TEST and TRAIN our athletes, and then in 2006 we launched a TRACKING service that allowed us to monitor and compare our athletes’ progress over time to others around the world. But the educational or TEACHING component was still very limited and spread throughout multiple sites and facilities… So we put our entire curriculum for developing athletes in a single place! Now, members can get full access to our Functionally Integrated Training (FIT) system that bridges the gap between training for sport and it application on the court or field. The FIT model is shown below:

Utilizing the Blog Posts…

Our integrated blog post system allows you to quickly identify information that is of interest to you. By going to one of the sport specific academy sites, you can focus your search to receive only the information that pertains to the sport you love. Or you can stay on the AthleteFIT site and view posts that apply to all athletes. As you search through the content on the AthleteFIT site you will see series of blog posts, video, interviews, featured exercises, etc. pertaining to the your area of interest (Strength/Power, Speed/Agility or Plyometric/Jump Training). You can even sign up for free to receive a blog by email, and have daily posts from that academy delivered to your inbox. This is the ultimate way to learn, progress and stay connected to our program if you are not able to participate in an actual class.

Accessing the Sport Specific Academies…

AthleteFIT consists of multiple sport specific academies that all work together to challenge ideas, test theories and progress both the physical preparation, as well as the technical / tactical implementation side of sports performance. Or, for a more specific approach to training, click on one of the Academy Sites on the right hand side. From here you will be directed to the home page of that Sport Specific F.I.T. Academy. This is where you will get an inside look at the daily programs and training systems being implemented for your sport. You can download clinics and workouts, staff meeting videos, seasonal F.I.T. programs or just stay up to date by receiving the blog via email.

No other company has proven to blend this model together as seamlessly as AthleteFIT, and the results speak for themselves:

  • Olympic Gold/Silver Medalists
  • World Cup Champions (USWNT, U20, U17)
  • National Champions (college, club and high school level)
  • All-Americans
  • 5 Players Drafted in the 2014 NWSL Draft
  • 8 Straight Gatorade Player of the Year Award Winners (Kansas)
  • Dozens of All-Metro, League and State Award Winners
  • Hundreds of College Scholarship Recipients 

Whether you are a multi-sport athlete wanting to increase your strength, speed or vertical jump, or you are a sport coach wanting ideas on integrating these aspects into a practice session, this site has what you are looking for!