Training and Research Facility

Overland Park Soccer Complex
13700 Switzer, Overland Park, KS 66221


Scott Moody is the founder and CEO of AthleteFIT, an athletic performance and research center in Overland Park, Kansas. Moody has used his FIT (Functionally Integrated Training) method to bridge the gap between the athletic, physical skills and technical, tactical application of those skills in unique and innovative ways. This blend of speed and technical performance has been the focal point of his training philosophy since 2005, and has been used to train thousands of athletes, many of which have won championships on the High School, Club, College and Professional Level, including 6 players from the 2015 World Cup Championship team, Olympic Gold Medalists and World Record Holders. Moody’s GameSPEED training and testing systems have become a sought after resource by thousands of coaches in over 30 countries. Moody is an international speaker and published author, and he currently uses his website, to provide training tips, research and online consulting programs to coaches worldwide.

“Over the last 10 years, I have really come to enjoy the challenge of creating unique training programs for young athletes. Sport training requires everything…speed, strength, reactive agility, aerobic fitness, repeated power, foot and hand-eye coordination and above all, an unspoken communication and creative vision at full speed. It has been awesome to watch thousands of players come through this program and develop these areas!”

Sports Performance Coach
Kelvin Bristol comes to us via United States Army. While in the Army, Kelvin decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer. In 2010 Scott Moody ( CEO/ Founder of AthleteFIT and The SoccerFIT academy) met Kelvin and offered him the speed and agility coach position shortly there after.

Since Kelvin has joined the AthleteFIT staff, he has worked with multiple levels including Club, ECNL, Collegiate, Professional, and National team soccer players from 4 different countries including 4 members of the 2015 World Cup Championship team. We look forward to what the future holds for Kelvin with our company!

Shon JonesShon Headshot
Director of Sports Performance 

Shon Jones is the Director of Sports Performance for AthleteFIT.  Shon started his career at AthleteFIT in 2012 after completing 2 internships for Scott Moody, the founder and CEO of AthleteFIT. In his time at AthleteFIT, Jones has trained over 3,000 athletes ranging from recreational elementary, to competitive club, to professional and national team levels. He he served as the Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the FC Kansas City Blues professional women’s soccer team (2 time NWSL Champions, who had US Women’s National Team players as well as national team players from Canada and New Zealand.  Jones has also dedicated a large amount of his time at AthleteFIT to help develop training programs and protocols that aide in their ability to return to sport after injury. In doing so, he has helped dozens of athletes return to confident after being cleared from physical therapy. Jones has a tireless dedication to not only perfecting his craft but to also see that his client receive the best training possible.

“In the 6 years that I have been in the sport performance industry I have come absolutely love my job.  Their is no greater feeling in the world knowing that the programs we develop and the atmosphere we provide help our athletes grow not just on the field or court but in life as well.”