3 Types of Soccer Skill Development

There are 3 types of trainable skill in our approach to soccer development.

  1. Physical Skill
  2. Technical Skill
  3. Tactically Applied Skill

Our online training programs have hundreds of drills organized into a progressive program that will take your game to incredible new levels. Here is how the programs are organized…

  1. Complete SoccerFIT Training Manual – Player Program: This program is a complete, step-by-step approach to training. It includes 4 Levels of training programs for: Stability/Plyometrics, Strength/Power, Speed/Agility, Skill and Fitness. This program, like all our programs is a “living manual” which means…as we develop new drills, we add them to the online version at no additional cost to you.
  2. SoccerFIT Skills Manual: This is the Skill section of the program above. It includes hundreds of video based drills in progressive 4 Level programs for: Ball Control, Attacking, Passing/First Touch, etc.

Our 30 Day Skills Challenge gives examples of a few drills from each category of our Ball Control Series if you want to get a small sample of what types of drills are included.

All of our programs can be viewed directly from your phone, tablet or computer, as well as printed off as PDF’s or downloaded as iBooks.



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