AthleteFIT / SoccerFIT Program Highlights

Our Spring program for soccer players has two main components:

  • Set a foundation of physical skills
  • Bridge the gap between the physical skill and on-field performance 

The physical skills include, mobility/stability, strength, power, speed, etc, and the we use our GameSpeed developmental programs to blend these aspects into simple technical ball work to teach our players how to apply these skills in game situations (speed of thought, speed with the ball, speed against other players). This might be hard to visualize, so we put together a short highlight video, with some testimonials of some SoccerFIT alumni.

Our classes are scheduled in the early afternoons Monday thru Thursday in 60 minute sessions. Because weather can be unpredictable in the spring, we will always meet inside our training center at the OPSC, and then (weather permitting) work our speed, agility and GameSpeed drills outside on the field. No matter where we do the training, each session will include each of the following aspects:

  • Mobility/Stability (reduce the risk of injury)
  • Rhythm/Coordination (building confidence)
  • Speed/Agility (footwork, explosive quickness)
  • Technical Skill (reactive, soccer specific speed)
  • Strength and Power (from coordination to confident power)
  • Fitness (repeatable, sustainable speed)


Our normal pricing is $130/month. However, we offer team discounts of 10% ($117/month) for 5-9 players off the same team, and 25% ($98/month) for 10 or more in a two session a week format. For those that want to attend 1x per week, we offer a rate of $65/month.


To sign up, click the link below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If you have questions, you can contact me at