AthleteFIT Sports Performance System

The Physical Side of the AthleteFIT System

Below is a list (in prerequisite order) of our coaching workshops and online training products for the physical side of the AthleteFIT System. If you are interested in developing a more complete training program for your athletes, you can click on the hyperlink in each section and download the programs you want to your AthleteFIT Programs Library. Once purchased, you will be able to print it off as a PDF, download it to iBooks or access it online via your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Rhythmic Patterns

Observe-Assess Movement

Part 1: Observing & Assessing Athletic Movement
Part 2: Mechanics & Demands of Starts, Sprints & Jumps
Part 3: Mechanics & Demands Agility & Athletic Jumps
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Mobility & Stability

Prepping Athletic Movement

Part 1: Injury Risk & the Mobility-Stability Relationship
Part 2: Dynamic Stability
Part 3: Building F.I.T. Warm Ups
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Strength & Power

Strengthen Athletic Patterns

Part 1: Foundational Strength (bodyweight to dumbbells)
Part 2: Progressing Intensity (dumbbells, cables & barbells)
Part 3: Seasonal Progressions and Periodization
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Jumps & Throws

Plyometric Expression

Part 1: Plyo Prep (jumping, landing and throwing)
Part 2: Elasticity & Stretch Shortening Cycle
Part 3: Creating Plyo Progressions for Specific Outcomes
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Speed & Agility

Peaking Athletic Speed

Part 1: A Closer Look at Sports Speed
Part 2: Patterns & Progressions of Sports Speed
Part 3: Sports Speed & Fitness
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