Working with Athlete fit has improved my fitness, stamina, agility and overall movement with and without the ball. The trainers learn your specific strengths and weaknesses as an athlete and work off that. Having people that truly care not only about your performance but about your well being as well is rare, but athlete fit feels like home in that sense. I’ve been working with them for 3 years now and I am a proud member of the athlete fit family.

  -Erika Tymrak FCKC Blues

I joined the Athlete Fit Academy in the 7th grade looking to become faster, stronger, and quicker and have definitely succeeded in doing so. The staff at Athlete Fit is great; each time I have set a specific goal to get better at they have helped me put together a workout program and diet to achieve that goal. I would highly recommend Athlete Fit Academy to anyone who is looking to improve his or her athletic ability in any sport. 

-Isaac Zahner Sporting Blue Valley Soccer Player

AthleteFIT is the best thing that could have happened to me. Shon Jones is my trainer, and would recommend him to anyone! ! worked out with him every single day of the week while I was pregnant and still do. He is capable of helping anyone out if you are willing to put in the effort. All of the AthleteFIT staff want to see everyone succeed, and push them to be their absolute best!  

-Julie Bride Missouri S&T Soccer Player

AthleteFIT has helped me grow as a soccer player tremendously. The strength, power, speed, and agility that the coaches have helped me gain has definitely resulted in a better performance on the soccer field. Each time I walk through the doors I know Shon, Scott, and Kelvin will be there ready to push me to my peak performance and help me reach my maximum potential.  

-Kelsy Fiser Ball State Soccer Player

All of the trainers/coaches at AthleteFIT are there to help elevate all types of athletes to the next level. Whether is be through conditioning, strength, or speed, the trainers are there to push you. The little extra push from the trainers helps me to increase my mental performance in and out of AthleteFIT. They want you to succeed. 

-Chris Ayala Sporting Blue Valley Soccer Player

You are fun but serious when you need to be. You truly care about your athletes achieving their goals and want to do anything you can to help them. You gave me the advice I needed to get my highest speed I’ve gotten on the curves and was there to give me a high five after I did it.

-Taylor Christie, Kansas University Soccer Player

Kelvin is by far the easiest trainer to work with. He finds the time to work with you individually and genuinely breaks things down in order for you to understand them. His energy keeps things fun and upbeat; he never fails to motivate everyone around him.

-Taylor Gonzales, Montevallo University

I love training with Kelvin!  He pushes me hard but still makes it fun!  I look forward to it and I feel like it keeps me strong and less prone to injury.

– Shianne Cook 

Kelvin is great!  He works the kids hard but they have a lot of fun doing it.  My daughter looks forward to it every week!

– Melanie Cook (parent of an AthleteFIT player)

I have had the privilege to work with Kelvin in both a group setting and individually. In both instances there is a transparency of how passionate Kelvin is for his work. He is extremely energetic and motivating. He seems to succeed in his coaching techniques while giving critical feedback and still keeping an upbeat positive outlook. I think one of the biggest advantages Kelvin has is his ability to work with anyone from any age and both genders. He is enjoyably social and his knowledge is only growing day in and day out. I have had a great time getting to know Kelvin personally and professionally. Thanks Kelvin!

– Leigh Ann Robinson, FCKC Blues

Feel like getting in a little ball work today? I’m cleared! Fracture is completely gone. 5 weeks & 5 days. Fastest my doc has ever seen without surgery!

-Cody Andrews, Missouri Comets

I wanted to pass along positive comments on your program.  Starting 18 months ago, Alyssa really started improving her athleticism, and it showed on the soccer field.  Your summer program was excellent for her and when her team did a showcase in August, she was the player on the field that looked explosive, conditioned, and fast.  We just returned from a Dallas ECNL event and she told me after the first game, she felt really strong on the field and she believed it was due to SoccerFit.  She had by far the most endurance and was knocking high-level players off the ball, and did that for all three games.  She was turning heads of parents on the opposing teams and college coaches on the sidelines, largely due to her stamina and grit.  I say this not to brag about her, but to attribute much of her success to your program and thank you for your efforts.

– John Seitzer (parent of an AthleteFIT player)