March 28, 2015

Interval Training on the Cybex Arc Trainer


We use the Cybex Arc Trainer for many different types of training (strength/power, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, etc.), but selecting a target resistance can sometimes be tricky. In a training environment we like to use the Constant Power mode for our repeated intervals, as it gives us a consistent measurable number which we use to … Read More >

Workout Ideas: Cybex Bravo Functional Warm Up


This weeks workout idea is on the using the Cybex Bravo as a functional warm up device…
Start off by loading up the weight stack with a moderate load (probably heavier than you think – I used 25% of my body weight), grab the handle and walk away from the Bravo to give yourself some room. Let the cable pull … Read More >

Extreme training shown in Friday Night Tykes

Motivation Spiral

This post was written by AthleteFIT guest contributor Kate Voss.
Ruthlessly pushing athletes to exhaustion and placing them in direct line of possible injury may seem acceptable within professional sports. However, when it comes to 8 and 9-year-olds, you would expect coaches to approach young players in a more relaxed manner, in order to safeguard their … Read More >

Positioning Techniques for Explosive Agility


In the AthleteFIT program our main goals are to:

Reduce the Risk of Injury
Improve the Repeatability of Explosive Movement
Create a Sense of Confidence and Competitiveness with all our Athletes

We have many ways in which we achieve this, but we always start off with a focus on movement skills. In most team sports the most “athletic” players … Read More >

Focus Exercise: Balance Reach Back Progression

After receiving a few questions on what we are referring to when we say, “Balanced Reach Back” or “Reach Back Lunge” or “Single Leg RDL,” I thought I would throw a couple video clips together for you… (please forgive the lower quality of some of the video in the clips below)

We we begin training single … Read More >

Defining & Designing Athleticism Development Programs

Motor Ability Chart

If the ultimate goal of your program is to build better athletes, how do you set this process in motion? How do you begin to develop something as broad and multidimensional as “ATHLETICISM”?  Where do you start…? …and how will you know when you have reached your goal? As you probably already know, it is … Read More >

Where Do We Find The Motivation to Try


“Things are hard when you HAVE TO…but become easy if you WANT TO…”
- Alan Stein

What motivates younger players? Not surprisingly it is the same things that motivate all of us when we are placed in an unfamiliar position or situation. In the beginning, it all comes down to three simple things that have total control … Read More >

Developing Confidence in Young Athletes


Motivation, confidence, skill and talent are all interconnected, and are especially important at a young age. Children with low confidence tend to lack motivation. This lack of motivation leads to a reluctance to try and a lack of effort. Lack of focused effort leads to lower skill and low skill usually leads to a lack … Read More >

3 Simple Rules for Youth Sports Coaches


Last weekend, while presenting at the TPEA National Conference, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down over dinner with some of the best coaches around. We discussed our systems, or goals and our philosophies. During one of these discussions, we talked about specific qualities that great youth sports coaches possess? What unique … Read More >

Using HRV Monitoring to Assess and Predict?


One of the training aids we are currently researching is the ability to measure HRV (Heart Rate Variability) to assess and predict performance. HRV monitoring seems to be the hot topic in many fitness discussions, and we want to see how efficiently we can integrate it into our training programs.
I was first introduced to HRV … Read More >