3 Types of Soccer Skill Development

SFA Player Manual Skill 3D

There are 3 types of trainable skill in our approach to soccer development. Physical Skill Technical Skill Tactically Applied Skill Our online training programs have hundreds of drills organized into a progressive program that will take your game to incredible new levels. Here is how the programs are organized… Complete SoccerFIT Training Manual – Player

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Training Programs on Your Phone

programs on phone 3

One of the best ways to view our online training programs is on your smart phone or tablet. To view your programs from your phone, go to AthleteFIT.com and click the three bars in the upper right hand corner (shown in the first image), this gives you a drop down menu (second image). From here choose

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Movement Training and Early Specialization

need for tumbling class

To create confident, competitive, skillful athletes we first need to establish a very strong foundation in dynamic balance, rhythmic footwork and an understanding of how to quickly reposition the body to gain a competitive advantage. Coordination is key to mastering any skill, and many young players are lacking this foundational component of sports mastery. Movement

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Interval Training on the Cybex Arc Trainer


We use the Cybex Arc Trainer for many different types of training (strength/power, aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, etc.), but selecting a target resistance can sometimes be tricky. In a training environment we like to use the Constant Power mode for our repeated intervals, as it gives us a consistent measurable number which we use to

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Workout Ideas: Cybex Bravo Functional Warm Up


This weeks workout idea is on the using the Cybex Bravo as a functional warm up device… Start off by loading up the weight stack with a moderate load (probably heavier than you think – I used 25% of my body weight), grab the handle and walk away from the Bravo to give yourself some room. Let the cable

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Extreme training shown in Friday Night Tykes

Motivation Spiral

This post was written by AthleteFIT guest contributor Kate Voss. Ruthlessly pushing athletes to exhaustion and placing them in direct line of possible injury may seem acceptable within professional sports. However, when it comes to 8 and 9-year-olds, you would expect coaches to approach young players in a more relaxed manner, in order to safeguard

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Positioning Techniques for Explosive Agility

In the AthleteFIT program our main goals are to: Reduce the Risk of Injury Improve the Repeatability of Explosive Movement Create a Sense of Confidence and Competitiveness with all our Athletes We have many ways in which we achieve this, but we always start off with a focus on movement skills. In most team sports

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Focus Exercise: Balance Reach Back Progression

After receiving a few questions on what we are referring to when we say, “Balanced Reach Back” or “Reach Back Lunge” or “Single Leg RDL,” I thought I would throw a couple video clips together for you… (please forgive the lower quality of some of the video in the clips below) We we begin training

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