Focus Exercise: Targeted Jump Training (Video)


Using targets to enhance daily performance is nothing new to this industry. We often will use verbal encouragement (clapping, loud words of motivation, etc.), or visual targets (races, marking off a target point to jump or run to, distances, etc.) to enhance testing performance, but at AthleteFIT we have used technology to enhance daily training

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Counter Balanced Exercises (Video)


Many programs use variations of counterbalanced movements to allow their clients to go through greater ranges of motion. Some of these exercises include wall squats, squats with arms extended in front of the body, single legged activities, etc. Studies are suggesting that squatting with arms extended holding dumbbells is recommended for increasing the dominance of

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Product Review: Power Development on the Cybex Arc Trainer


The Cybex Arc Trainer has proven time and time again to be an amazing piece in our arsenal of sports performance training equipment. We originally underestimated the piece, classifying it as just another low impact cardio device, but after dozens of studies on thousands of clients, we have found it to be especially effective in

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As we are continuously in search of a way to assess game based soccer fitness in a training environment, we have played around with many different styles of conditioning drills. In the past we have created activities such as our repeated sprint interval, our Soccer FITness Interval, 90-second interval and now the 4-mile interval is

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Focus Exercise: Weighted Jump Squats


In this post we are comparing the weighted jump squat to unweighted jump squats (counter movement jump), and commenting on which weighted version might be more similar in pattern to the unweighted jumps. When working with younger athletes in a developmental stage, we need to continue to focus on the movement of the exercise and

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4 Mile Curve Interval (2,4,6,8 Workout)… Testing one’s toughness can be fun!


For those of you who follow the AthleteFIT Owners on Twitter (@athletefitcoach and @ttillette) you may have noticed some friendly smack talk over the last week with @WoodwayTreadmil Director of Sales and Marketing Eric Weber about a new Athlete FIT Challenge Workout. In the past we have put up Challenge Workouts utilizing the Cybex Arc

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Force Treadmill

Woodway is the company name and treadmills are their game!  This company not only makes some of the highest quality products available but also delivers top notch programming solutions to its’ customers. Woodway has 3 manually powered treadmill options on the market today – the Curve, the Ecomill, but their Force started it all. Over

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Curve Treadmill


The Woodway Curve is really turning heads in our facility! Every time someone starts warming up on the Curve there seems to be a crowd of 2 or 3 athletes watching and eagerly waiting to take a turn. Especially when we run our partner #4mileInterval challenge (pictured below)! After a few years of feedback, and

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