Medicine Ball Training to Improve Power


Throwing med balls always seems to go hand in hand with power training. Exercises like shot tosses, scoop tosses, crunch throws, jump throws, chest passes and partner variations (mb tennis) have been used in our programs for years. These activities build power in several ways: Coordination: concentric synchronization of the lower body to assist the

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Simple Power Based Exercises


Often, when discussing training exercises that give us the most bang for the buck in vertical power training, the list doesn’t get too far beyond the Olympic lifts (clean/jerk and snatch). And there is no disputing the fact that these two or three lifts deliver results, but the problem with these lifts is centered around

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Focus Exercise: Targeted Jump Training (Video)


Using targets to enhance daily performance is nothing new to this industry. We often will use verbal encouragement (clapping, loud words of motivation, etc.), or visual targets (races, marking off a target point to jump or run to, distances, etc.) to enhance testing performance, but at AthleteFIT we have used technology to enhance daily training

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Warm Ups: A Smooth Ramp Up to High Speed Play


In our program, warm ups for speed training sessions can be very different from day to day. This is because we are looking to progress from simple activation, mobility, stability exercises, into rhythmic movements that mimic the specific focus of the day. We want to finish off our progression with a simulated activity that enhances

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Should speed/agility training change with players age?


Many aspects of sport are progressed as players develop, but speed and agility training is often not one of these things. In basketball and soccer we start off playing small sided games at 6- or 7- years old (3v3) and then progress to 4v4, 5v5 and in soccer 6v6, 8v8 and finally 11v11. We have

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Do we really need to ‘stretch’ before we lift?


How much time do you typically allow for ‘stretching’ before strength training sessions? What stretches, or type of stretching should we do? The strength and conditioning industry has many different ideas on if, when and what type of warm ups work best. Some studies point towards a 15-20 minute ‘dynamic’ warm up, while others show

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