As we are continuously in search of a way to assess game based soccer fitness in a training environment, we have played around with many different styles of conditioning drills. In the past we have created activities such as our repeated sprint interval, our Soccer FITness Interval, 90-second interval and now the 4-mile interval is

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Focus Exercise: Weighted Jump Squats


In this post we are comparing the weighted jump squat to unweighted jump squats (counter movement jump), and commenting on which weighted version might be more similar in pattern to the unweighted jumps. When working with younger athletes in a developmental stage, we need to continue to focus on the movement of the exercise and

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A Rant for Change…


After following the twitter responses to Howard Gray’s (twitter @HstephenG) blog post on his site – pursuitofperformance.blogspot.com regarding the nature of our industry’s leader in education, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, it got me thinking. What is the nature of out industry? Where are we headed? How can we continue to move forward if

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OUR GAME – Are All Touches Created Equal?????


Today’s post is by SoccerFIT partner Tristan Tillette. Tillette serves as Director of Performance at Elite Sports in Birmingham, AL and On-Line Training Director of AthleteFIT.com This is the first post of the OUR GAME series – discussing the physical, technical, and psychological development of our youth as it pertains to the rest of the

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P90X & Youth Athletic Development

Motor Ability Chart

One of the latest crazes in the fitness world is P90X.  It seems like literally everyone is doing it! Moms, dads, aunts, uncles – GOOD….middle and high school athletes – BAD.  When it comes to program selection, one must question the “WHY” of the program and align that answer to your individual goals. The P90X

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Setting the Charge, Ignition and the Launch of Skill Development…

Wright w. 1 finger

What motivated you to become what you are today? What ignited your passion? Who mentored you as a young player and why did you choose to follow them? Developing elite level skill takes more than just God given talent and/or great genetics. To truly develop skill to it’s fullest potential the following things must fall

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FOCUS EXERCISE: Why do we do single legged exercises?


Two of the most discussed aspects associated with injury risk reduction during the season are: 1) lower limb symmetry and 2) force absorption qualities. We used a Hop and Stop test of bilateral force production / force absorption, and the results showed a tremendous gain in symmetry in both the hopping and leaping exercises. We

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Force Treadmill

Woodway is the company name and treadmills are their game!  This company not only makes some of the highest quality products available but also delivers top notch programming solutions to its’ customers. Woodway has 3 manually powered treadmill options on the market today – the Curve, the Ecomill, but their Force started it all. Over

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Curve Treadmill


The Woodway Curve is really turning heads in our facility! Every time someone starts warming up on the Curve there seems to be a crowd of 2 or 3 athletes watching and eagerly waiting to take a turn. Especially when we run our partner #4mileInterval challenge (pictured below)! After a few years of feedback, and

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