Where Do We Find The Motivation to Try


“Things are hard when you HAVE TO…but become easy if you WANT TO…” – Alan Stein What motivates younger players? Not surprisingly it is the same things that motivate all of us when we are placed in an unfamiliar position or situation. In the beginning, it all comes down to three simple things that have

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Developing Confidence in Young Athletes


Motivation, confidence, skill and talent are all interconnected, and are especially important at a young age. Children with low confidence tend to lack motivation. This lack of motivation leads to a reluctance to try and a lack of effort. Lack of focused effort leads to lower skill and low skill usually leads to a lack

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3 Simple Rules for Youth Sports Coaches


Last weekend, while presenting at the TPEA National Conference, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down over dinner with some of the best coaches around. We discussed our systems, or goals and our philosophies. During one of these discussions, we talked about specific qualities that great youth sports coaches possess? What unique

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Improving Performance with External Focus

shain nhpi

One of the most overlooked aspects of coaching is verbal cuing. Words that invoke pictures or images that inspire the athlete to increased levels of performance, while also creating clarity regarding how to best execute the task, can be extremely beneficial when working with younger athletes that may not fully understand the task. This could

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P90X & Youth Athletic Development

Motor Ability Chart

One of the latest crazes in the fitness world is P90X.  It seems like literally everyone is doing it! Moms, dads, aunts, uncles – GOOD….middle and high school athletes – BAD.  When it comes to program selection, one must question the “WHY” of the program and align that answer to your individual goals. The P90X

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