Soccer Speed Training: 6 Player Overlap Sprint Repeats


As we prepare for our pre-season (usually about 8 weeks prior to our season start date) we want to begin making a slow shift from our non-specific sprint training into our specific sprint training. We need to consider two key aspects when designing these drills. What conditioning effect do we hope to achieve (max speed,

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Off-Season Recap: Week 6 – Fitness Separation

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In week 5 of our off-season training program we finished up our pre-test sessions on speed, strength and fitness. Some have asked why we wait 4 weeks before starting our “pre-test” and the answer is simple. We have 200+ athletes walk show up week 1 of our off-season program, and many of them have not

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ACL Injury Overview (Research Review)


In the past, we have put up several posts on ACL injury, rehab and risk reduction exercises, but I ran across a summary of research articles (Serpell, Scarvell, et al 3160-3176) compiled in the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that I wanted to break down for you. The following is a brief breakdown

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Off-Season Recap: Week 2 – Agility Reset


One of the themes of the early off-season (usually a 1-3 week period) is to RESET OUR SYSTEM… Resetting the system refers to taking a step back, revisiting some of the basics (mobility, form running, aerobic fitness, strength technique, etc.). We like to change up the program style (mixing the strength with various forms of

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Medicine Ball Training to Improve Power


Throwing med balls always seems to go hand in hand with power training. Exercises like shot tosses, scoop tosses, crunch throws, jump throws, chest passes and partner variations (mb tennis) have been used in our programs for years. These activities build power in several ways: Coordination: concentric synchronization of the lower body to assist the

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Verbal Cues to Enhance Specific Muscle Activity


There are times in training where we may want the athlete to ‘feel’ the activity in a particular area. When doing isolated exercises (leg extensions, calf raises, biceps curls, etc.) this is pretty easy to do, but when it comes to compound exercises (leg press, bench press, lunges, etc.) this is sometimes difficult. A recent

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