Setting the Charge, Ignition and the Launch of Skill Development…

Wright w. 1 finger

What motivated you to become what you are today? What ignited your passion? Who mentored you as a young player and why did you choose to follow them? Developing elite level skill takes more than just God given talent and/or great genetics. To truly develop skill to it’s fullest potential the following things must fall

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FOCUS EXERCISE: Why do we do single legged exercises?


Two of the most discussed aspects associated with injury risk reduction during the season are: 1) lower limb symmetry and 2) force absorption qualities. We used a Hop and Stop test of bilateral force production / force absorption, and the results showed a tremendous gain in symmetry in both the hopping and leaping exercises. We

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INSPIRING WORDS: Leadership…What’s Your Role?


Kansas State Basketball is learning this the hard way right now, as they were ranked in the pre-season top 5, but have suffered 3 big losses and we are not even to Christmas yet. On a radio talk show yesterday, K-State Coach Frank Martin addressed concerns with roles of leadership on his team. He mentioned

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Force Treadmill

Woodway is the company name and treadmills are their game!  This company not only makes some of the highest quality products available but also delivers top notch programming solutions to its’ customers. Woodway has 3 manually powered treadmill options on the market today – the Curve, the Ecomill, but their Force started it all. Over

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PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Curve Treadmill


The Woodway Curve is really turning heads in our facility! Every time someone starts warming up on the Curve there seems to be a crowd of 2 or 3 athletes watching and eagerly waiting to take a turn. Especially when we run our partner #4mileInterval challenge (pictured below)! After a few years of feedback, and

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Functional Strength Training for Basketball


Functional strength training has become somewhat of a cliché over the past decade, being used to describe a variety of exercises that are performed on unstable surfaces with bands or balls while trying to mimic the exact movements of sport (such as weighting down a bat with elastic resistance then trying to mimic the swing).

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RESEARCH: A Screen to Assess Foundational Movement (Agility)


When working with athletes there is a direct correlation between the athlete’s ability to control their body position during movement and their ability to produce speed and power on the court. As the athlete transitions from deceleration to acceleration during a cutting based change of direction (agility movements) the timing and intermuscular coordination of the

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Congrats SoccerFIT Academy Alumi on National Championship Season!


Congratulations to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Soccer Team, who’s victory over Ohio State and Stanford won them a college national championship this past weekend. And a very special congratulations to the 5 former SoccerFIT Academy / CAP players who play for Notre Dame! It seems like just last year that Mandy came to

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VB Warm Ups – A Seasonal Progression

One of the most overlooked, and unappreciated components of volleyball training is the warm up strategy before practice sessions. We prepare practice plans, game plans, etc. but often leave the warm up to the individual. If you practice 3x per week, and you set aside 20 minutes for warm up, that amounts to an extra

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