Using Your Online Training Plan


Key Features: Getting Started – Logging In: To access your program go to (Home Page) and follow the 3 simple steps… Click Go to My Programs Enter Username & Password (click Log In) Select the “Read Online” Version of the Program You Want    Viewing From Your Phone: Just connect to WiFi or use your cellular

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Movement Training and Early Specialization


To create confident, competitive, skillful athletes we first need to establish a very strong foundation in dynamic balance, rhythmic footwork and an understanding of how to quickly reposition the body to gain a competitive advantage. Coordination is key to mastering any skill, and many young players are lacking this foundational component of sports mastery. Movement

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Positioning Techniques for Explosive Agility


In the AthleteFIT program our main goals are to: Reduce the Risk of Injury Improve the Repeatability of Explosive Movement Create a Sense of Confidence and Competitiveness with all our Athletes We have many ways in which we achieve this, but we always start off with a focus on movement skills. In most team sports

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Soccer Speed Training: 6 Player Overlap Sprint Repeats


As we prepare for our pre-season (usually about 8 weeks prior to our season start date) we want to begin making a slow shift from our non-specific sprint training into our specific sprint training. We need to consider two key aspects when designing these drills. What conditioning effect do we hope to achieve (max speed,

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ACL Injury Overview (Research Review)


In the past, we have put up several posts on ACL injury, rehab and risk reduction exercises, but I ran across a summary of research articles (Serpell, Scarvell, et al 3160-3176) compiled in the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that I wanted to break down for you. The following is a brief breakdown

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Off-Season Recap: Week 2 – Agility Reset


One of the themes of the early off-season (usually a 1-3 week period) is to RESET OUR SYSTEM… Resetting the system refers to taking a step back, revisiting some of the basics (mobility, form running, aerobic fitness, strength technique, etc.). We like to change up the program style (mixing the strength with various forms of

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Warm Ups: A Smooth Ramp Up to High Speed Play


In our program, warm ups for speed training sessions can be very different from day to day. This is because we are looking to progress from simple activation, mobility, stability exercises, into rhythmic movements that mimic the specific focus of the day. We want to finish off our progression with a simulated activity that enhances

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Should speed/agility training change with players age?


Many aspects of sport are progressed as players develop, but speed and agility training is often not one of these things. In basketball and soccer we start off playing small sided games at 6- or 7- years old (3v3) and then progress to 4v4, 5v5 and in soccer 6v6, 8v8 and finally 11v11. We have

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