Focus Exercise: Targeted Jump Training (Video)


Using targets to enhance daily performance is nothing new to this industry. We often will use verbal encouragement (clapping, loud words of motivation, etc.), or visual targets (races, marking off a target point to jump or run to, distances, etc.) to enhance testing performance, but at AthleteFIT we have used technology to enhance daily training

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Improving Performance with External Focus

shain nhpi

One of the most overlooked aspects of coaching is verbal cuing. Words that invoke pictures or images that inspire the athlete to increased levels of performance, while also creating clarity regarding how to best execute the task, can be extremely beneficial when working with younger athletes that may not fully understand the task. This could

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ACL Series: Return to Confidence (Post Surgery)


Even with the best programming for risk reduction, ACL injuries still happen. And when they do, it is the responsibility of the therapist or performance coach to rebuild the athlete’s confidence as well as their strength. Quite often, there is a lack of confidence or the physiological factor that contributes to the athlete’s ability to

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As we are continuously in search of a way to assess game based soccer fitness in a training environment, we have played around with many different styles of conditioning drills. In the past we have created activities such as our repeated sprint interval, our Soccer FITness Interval, 90-second interval and now the 4-mile interval is

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4 Mile Curve Interval (2,4,6,8 Workout)… Testing one’s toughness can be fun!


For those of you who follow the AthleteFIT Owners on Twitter (@athletefitcoach and @ttillette) you may have noticed some friendly smack talk over the last week with @WoodwayTreadmil Director of Sales and Marketing Eric Weber about a new Athlete FIT Challenge Workout. In the past we have put up Challenge Workouts utilizing the Cybex Arc

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RESEARCH: A Screen to Assess Foundational Movement (Agility)


When working with athletes there is a direct correlation between the athlete’s ability to control their body position during movement and their ability to produce speed and power on the court. As the athlete transitions from deceleration to acceleration during a cutting based change of direction (agility movements) the timing and intermuscular coordination of the

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