Workout Ideas: Cybex Bravo Functional Warm Up


This weeks workout idea is on the using the Cybex Bravo as a functional warm up device… Start off by loading up the weight stack with a moderate load (probably heavier than you think – I used 25% of my body weight), grab the handle and walk away from the Bravo to give yourself some room. Let the cable

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Off-Season Recap: Week 6 – Fitness Separation

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In week 5 of our off-season training program we finished up our pre-test sessions on speed, strength and fitness. Some have asked why we wait 4 weeks before starting our “pre-test” and the answer is simple. We have 200+ athletes walk show up week 1 of our off-season program, and many of them have not

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ACL Series: Risk Factors


Over the past few years much of the research, including a recent review (Bien, 2011) named the several biomechanical/neuromuscular risk factors for non-contact ACL injury, as well as the most effective programming implementations for prevention. Here are the area’s we focus on in our program model: Hip and Knee Pathomechanics Hamstring Activation and Strength Deficits

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