Coaches Workshop 2013: Foundations of Athleticism

Here is a quick video excerpt, from the introduction chapter of the Coaches Workshop eBook where Scott is giving some background into the AthleteFIT philosophy and system…

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What do you get?

Once you purchase an AthleteFIT eBook, you can access it at any time by going to your – My Purchases Page. From there you will be able to view the product in the following ways:

  • Online – View video presentations, skip to specific chapters, click on related blog posts
  • Downloadable PDF – Print off and take with you to the gym, to the field
  • On Your iPhone / iPad via iBooks – make notes on the screen, share clips, highlight important text, view video examples


This eBook is a video documentation of our Spring 2013 Coaches Clinic. Each presentation was recorded and uploaded into our new online format. From your computer, you can easily skip to a specific chapter which combines text, notes, pictures and video excerpts to provide a unique learning experience for the viewer. You can see the presentation, while viewing text and making on screen highlights and notes.

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Part 1 is taken from the first day of the Coaches Workshop…

This covers how we have developed our philosophy, system and progressions, and how we use this format to create tests of athleticism that help us guide our programming. We then expand on athleticism, and cover how we have developed a more sport specific testing system that evaluates our athletes from a physical perspective (vertical, speed and agility), as well as from a sport specific perspective (skill and fitness). The eBook then goes into detail about the foundational movement skill training programs we use to enhance athletic performance.

The last few chapters combine our presentations with hands on sessions, so that the reader can see the training from the athletes point of view (seeing the drill, hearing coaching cues, assessing movements, etc.) These chapters outline specific progressions that build confidence, reduce the risk of injury and improve performance in speed, agility and vertical jump movement patterns.

Part 2 is taken from the second day of the Coaches Workshop…

 This section digs deeper into the training specifics of our program. These presentations specifically highlight team sport athletic power training, giving examples of progressions of power from the foundational approach we take with younger athletes, or athletes returning from injury, to the advanced programs we might use with elite level players.

The focus on athletic power training transitions into our Game Speed Program in the final few chapters. This program looks at taking everything you have learned up to this point and weaving it into speed drills and sessions that not only elevate the physical side of speed, but also enhance speed of thought and speed of play.

This eBook, like all our newly formatted eBooks, can be viewed in several formats:

  1. Online Version: After your purchase, you can view this eBook from the My Purchases section of
  2. PDF Version: You can download a printable copy (PDF) that comes with links to each video
  3. On your iPhone or iPad via iBooks

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