Customized Training Programs

We now have the ability to create individualized programs for:

  1. Players (specific drills based on specific needs)
  2. Teams (seasonal skill, speed, strength and fitness programs)
  3. Clubs (age specific seasonal training plans)

Individualized Player Programs:

The most difficult part of program design is trying to create a “one size fits all” version of our program. Every player has individual strengths and weaknesses, and should have the opportunity to receive a program customized for their unique skill set. Each personalized program comes with the same features as all of our Online Training Programs as well as the following:

  • Monthly Phone / Skype Conversation to discuss progress
  • Goal Sheet – Printable Tracking Sheets
  • Online Access via Smart Phone or Computer
  • Specific Speed, Strength, Skill or Fitness Sessions
  • Monthly adjustments to your plan

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Team Programs:

If your team is looking to take training to the next level, we can help you create an off-season, pre-season or in-season training program, complete with exercise progressions, videos and coaching cues (same key features as our Online Training Programs). No more searching for exercise videos, or scrambling to put together an off-season plan. With our Customized Team Training Programs, we can give your players & coaches access to powerful, seasonally specific training plans. Each customized program includes:

  • Team Name & Logo Branding
  • Seasonal Adjustments to Programs
  • Online Access via Smart Phone or Computer
  • Testing Features to Monitor Progress

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Club Programs:

If your club is looking for a better way to deliver age group specific homework, coaches education or session plans, this version of our Online Training Programs is exactly what you are looking for. After a quick consultation with your staff, we will set up a program based on your clubs needs. Some clubs have used this as coaches education, or a way to supply the coaches with session plans, videos, drill progressions, coaching cues, etc. And others have used this as a way to provide a homework accountability tool for their players. Here are a few of the popular aspects:

  • Club Name, Logo or Sponsorship Branding
  • Warm Ups and Cool Downs
  • Strength, Speed and Fitness Sessions
  • Age Group Specific Skill Progressions
  • Coaches Education (Movement, Speed and Skill Education)

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Looking for 1 on 1 Training:

If you want to set up a few sessions with one of our coaches and work in a 1 on 1 or Small Group session, you can go to the Elite Player Development page, browse options and register for the one that works best for you. Below are a few videos from our Instagram account that highlights what we do with these players inside our training and research facility.