Elite Player Development System – Phase 1

Get Started with Phase 1 Skill Programs:

Quick Feet & Ball Skills

$ 10
This 4 day a week program introduces our quick touches and footwork drills that set the stage for explosive combinations and confidence, quickness and control on the ball.

Dribbling & Turning

$ 10
This 4 day a week program uses tight space cone drills and open space speed dribbling to enhance your confidence with the ball at your feet under pressure.

Passing & First Touch

$ 10
This 4 day a week program uses wall passing, quick feet drills and body weight exercises for lower body power elevate your confidence, quickness & control.

Add Phase 1 Power and Speed Programs:

Power & Speed Prep

$ 10
This 4 day a week program focuses on functional power exercises for explosive speed on the field...no additional strength equipment needed as everything is done with your own body weight.

Quick Feet & Agility

$ 10
This 4 day a week program focuses on footwork, quickness, body control and our primary agility patterns to set a strong foundation for speed and quickness off the ball.

Personalized Program

$ 250
Interested in a customized program designed just for you? Email us by clicking the link above, and we will design a program around your goals that will evolve with you as you master each aspect.