Online Training Programs

Why Choose Online Training Programs:

Get access to the specific programs from our Elite Player Development System right in the palm of your hand. Each program can be downloaded as a pdf or accessed from your phone, tablet or computer. This “Living Manual” has redefined the way we can train our athletes, as we can add updates to programs and our athletes see them in real time. The Contents feature lets you click on the specific workout, then each exercise is linked to an in-app video for quick and easy reference. Our testing pages allow you to enter your scores, compare results and monitor your improvement.

Check Out The Key Features…

Get Started with the “Foundations” Series:

Speed & Agility

$ 59.95
Our complete progression from body control and footwork, to explosive first step, plyometric drills and change of direction speed for athletes of any sport.

Strength & Power

$ 59.95
Work your way through the complete AthleteFIT Strength Training Program, and build a base of athletic strength, power and explosiveness for sport.

Ball Control

$ 59.95
This Soccer Specific program progresses from controlled touches to explosive separation using passing, attacking, finishing sessions to peak your confidence.

Let Us Personalize Your Program:

Player Programs

Let Us Design a Personalized Program Just for You! We can take your needs and build a living resource with video, exercise progressions, coaching cues, etc. that you can use to add structure & variety to your training sessions.

Team Programs

Customize a Seasonal Homework Program for Your Team! Let us create an in-season, off-season or pre-season homework program specifically for your team. We can include skill, speed, fitness or strength drills along with a testing-feedback tracker.

Club Programs

Coach & Player Tools Designed Specifically for Your Club! Your club can now access specific workout sessions that progress throughout the year. Coaches get new warm ups, fitness and speed work for practices sessions and players get homework drills.

Other Training Programs:

Complete SoccerFIT Training Program:

This is the complete SoccerFIT System, including each of the 3 “Foundations” manuals with our Fitness, Testing and Seasonal Progressions. Once you download this program, you will get instant access to view it from your phone, on your computer or print it as a PDF.

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If you don’t see what you are looking for in the options above, you can email me at or check out our Customized Training Programs for Players, Teams and Coaches. The customized training programs allow us to individualize a program to fit your specific needs. Email me today to set up a consultation, and quote (as prices will vary based on content).