Our Purpose

Our purpose is to use our Functionally Integrated Approach to prepare our players, to the best of our ability, to attack the challenges they encounter both on the athletic field, as well as in daily life, with total confidence. We are driven to inspire each athlete to rise to meet every challenge they encounter.

What is Functionally Integrated Training (F.I.T.) for Sport?

Functional Training = A training style that is designed to enhance an individuals ability to perform the unique tasks they encounter in life, work or sport. This style of training should address the interaction between mobility/stability, strength, power, speed and fitness while increasing the individual’s confidence in a specific task (or Lift More, Jump Higher, Run Faster, Last Longer).

Skills Training = Training designed to enhance a particular skill, primarily related to sport, but also associated with areas of fitness, vision, communication and movement based skills (Improve Technically, See Clearly, Communicate Effectively, Execute Tactically).

Functionally Integrated Training for Sport = A unique blend of the physical aspects of functional training and the technical skills aspects of a particular sport, with an emphasis on the interplay between sport specific movement and sport specific skills in a fast paced, situational environment (Move Better, React Quicker, Execute Cleaner, Play Faster/Longer).

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create and implement a system that develops the physical aspects associated with training for sport, and combine them with the technical aspects required to master sport skill, while teaching players how to cope with the psychological aspects of  motivation, success, failure and teamwork.

Our Mantra:

I look forward to the challenge or the race that has been laid out for me.

I do not dwell on the past (successes or failures).

I train my mind and my body to accept these new challenges with an aggressive confidence,

and in time, I will reap a harvest worthy of my efforts.

I respect my facility, my staff and my team as I would have them respect me.