AthleteFIT is not just the most comprehensive training curriculum ever put on the market. It is also a living lab of testing and research for equipment manufactures, sports clubs and organizations. We challenge our facilities every day to come up with better progressions, protocols and testing strategies. Over the last few years, AthleteFIT has become an outside resource for organizations to test their products and create solutions for the end user.

Over the last 10 years we have researched and designed training programs for some of the top equipment manufactures in the world:

Athlete F.I.T. has also worked with Universities and Club Programs to help structure testing and programming strategies for their athletes. Using our data they can find better and more efficient ways to test and train their players during each phase of the yearly competitive cycle. Where it used to take years to understand the impact of a small curriculum change, we can now test these theories out in a matter of months.

We continue to work with trainers and coaches around the world to form a shared knowledge network, where we can meet on conference calls, kick around ideas and outline small studies that can be carried out within our various academies to test and create viable solutions to meet the needs of our partner organizations.


To become an AthleteFIT Partner, and to interject your organization into this shared knowledge network, contact Scott Moody at: