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Speed & Agility Foundations

This training program contains the first 4 phases of our speed & agility program. Each phase is broken up into 12 different workouts that focus on a unique aspect of speed or agility (48 workouts in all). Each workout comes with coaching tips, video examples and brief explanations of how to get the most out of your training. This is a prerequisite program for our Level 2 series which integrates speed & agility with skill, fitness or strength.

This program is formatted for your phone can be used as a web based app you can take with you anywhere.

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The drop down menu from the contents tab lets you easily find the training session you are looking for, and each program has video links for every exercise in the video playlist. The program also comes with a testing section where you can test can compare your speed and agility to over 10,000 players we have tested world wide. Take a screen shot of this testing page and text it to your coach to show your improvement in each area.

This product uses speed and agility techniques that show up in all sports. It’s focus is on becoming quicker, more athletic and confident in your explosive speed. This program works well in conjunction with our other foundational level programs for speed, skill and fitness, and is a prerequisite for all Level 2 programs which build off of these foundational aspects in more complex variations.



Great content. Really enjoyed the videos.