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Ball Control Foundations

Inside this program you gain access to the first 4 phases of our ball control program which includes 48 progressive, skills based sessions that lay the foundation for our entire soccer skill system. Each phase is broken down into 4 days of programming built around quickness, control, first touch, combination moves and athletic footwork. Each day will offer 3 different workouts (two 10 minute focus sessions and a 30 minute training session). This program is guaranteed to build confidence and control with the ball for players at any level!

This product is formatted for smart phone use with coaching points, video reference and testing built into each workout. Track your performance as you progress through each phase and watch your skill and confidence improve week by week.

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Use the drop down menu from the contents tab to quickly select the your daily training program. From each daily training program you can choose from a 10 minute or 30 minute program with a focus on a particular topic. These program are organized in a progressive manner, and linked to video in a playlist below each workout for quick reference as you are training. You can also test your skill and compare it to the 10,000 players we have tested world wide. Take a screen shot of your scores and text it to your coach to show your improvement in each category.

This program sets the foundation for all the Level 2 skill programs, and works well in conjunction with all other foundational training programs (speed & agility foundations, strength & power foundations and fitness). Download your version today and take the first step in confidence, aggressive ball control!