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Passing & First Touch

This 4 day a week program uses wall passing, quick feet drills and body weight exercises for lower body power elevate your confidence, quickness & control. To download this program to your library, follow the four simple steps below…





This program is part of the first phase of our Elite Player Development System. Once you download the program, you will get instant access to a PDF workbook that will guide you through each session, help you track your progress, set goals and master each of the techniques. The READ ONLINE version of the program is available via your phone or desktop computer, and contains videos of each drill organized into 4 different sessions, each with a unique focus on wall passing first touch and combos with additional sessions for quick feet and lower body power, which will be required to have success in the phase 2, 3 and 4 programs.



Read the information below carefully to make sure you gain access to each of the unique features this program has to offer!

Elite Player Development System:
How it works…

Players will start in Phase 1 – Confidence, Quickness & Control, and choose programs that allow them to focus on one aspect at a time. Each program download will contain 4 unique workouts that attack a particular point of focus from different perspectives. For instance, in the Passing & First Touch program:

  1. Workout 1: Rhythmic Passing
  2. Workout 2: Surface Receive and Reset Combos
  3. Workout 3: Quick Feet Hops and First Touch Control
  4. Workout 4: Stability and Power Prep

Each workout will contain a goal sheet, progress tracking sheet and calendar to guide them through the workouts. As soon as their confidence scores reach a required level, they should download another program from the Phase 1 series. Once they have mastered all the programs in Phase 1, they can move on to Phase 2, 3, & 4.

Why it works…

Each player has their own unique set of skills. This system caters to the individual needs of each player, and uses the downloadable PDF to teach players how to set focused goals, track their daily progress while challenging them to progress, phase by phase, through our entire system. If players have questions about the techniques or patterns, they can use the Read Online version to watch quick videos of each exercise from their phone during the workout.

The phase 1 workouts are focused and quick (20-30 minutes long) and require only a ball and a small space to move. As players progress into phase 2 and beyond, the workouts become a little more intense, longer and build off of the skills, footwork and strength that were developed in phase 1. Through each phase the players confidence will grow, and their skills will become more and more refined as they master each aspect of their game. This is just one more way AthleteFIT is bridging the gap between technology and performance training.