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Striking with Power: Technical Overview

Our SoccerSKILL series (brought to you by One Nil Football and SoccerFIT) looks at your development from a technical skill perspective. Most of our programs teach progressions for developing your strength, speed and fitness, but this series looks primarily at the technical aspects of the game, and how to enhance everything from first touch to finishing power. Each chapter will highlight a different technical skill, and deliver a step by step progression to reach your potential. Our first chapter in the SoccerSKILL series starts off with a focus on striking power.

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Everyone wants to hit the ball with more power, and with just a few tweaks to your technique, you can learn to strike the ball like the pros. Many players lose power as they strike the ball due to simple technical flaws which can be quickly corrected. These flaws are broken down into Five Steps in this manual:

  • Steps Leading Up to Impact
  • Upper Body Movement and Foot Placement
  • Foot and Ankle Position (before, during and after contact)
  • Part of the Foot that Strikes the Ball
  • Followthrough

Screen shots and slow motion video clips will guide you through the basics as we give you a technical view of how to add power to your game. This product is the first installment in a much larger product that will provide more technical instruction on ball striking technique, get away moves, turns, heading and passing.  Click the Add to Cart Button below to download this to your My Purchases page.