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Woodway Curve Programs

This complete program manual for the Woodway Curve will take you through our fitness and speed programs for the this device. You will learn how to enhance your form and confidence while building a broad aerobic base, and then progress to strong interval conditioning, and speed training. As the program builds off simple interval conditioning to athletic speed, it shows you how to assess your performance and progress your workouts based off of periodic assessments.



Wow! Wow! Wow! thank you Scott, for putting this amazing product together. I love all 3 formats especially the online version which is a “living copy”, very easily accessible from anywhere internet WiFi is available. You have taken my mind to a whole new place when it comes the Woodway Curve. You have saved me many months of trial and error to figure what to do with the Curve. that’s all i can say for now. I will be back with more praises after summer2016.
thank you Scott! God bless you richly!