Technical Skills for Soccer

The Technical Side of the SoccerFIT System

As we were creating the sport specific side of our AthleteFIT system, we found a critical need to develop a comfort with the ball at our feet, as well as build confidence in passing and 1v1 situations. We needed to create a progressive system that automated key movement patterns with integrated skill, then layered in decision making speed and situational aspects. Below is our SoccerFIT Technical Development System.

Skill Foundations

Footwork & Technical Ball Control

Part 1: Passing & Receiving
Part 2: Dribbling, Moves & Turns
Part 3: Ball Striking Power
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Technical Speed

Skill & Integrated Speed/Agility

Part 1: Passing & Off Ball Agility
Part 2: Reactive Moves/Turns & 1v1
Part 3: Speed Based Finishing Patterns
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SoccerFIT Fitness

Speed - Skill Patterns & Games

Part 1: Passing Agility & Possession Based Fitness
Part 2: Attacking Speed & 1v1 Fitness
Part 3: Skill Based Fitness Games
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Testing & Applied Program Progressions

Part 1: The SoccerFIT GameSPEED Testing System
Part 2: Progression Based Approach to Train Weaker Areas
Part 3: Speed/Skill/Fitness – Team Based Warm Ups
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