4 Mile Curve Interval (2,4,6,8 Workout)… Testing one’s toughness can be fun!

For those of you who follow the AthleteFIT Owners on Twitter (@athletefitcoach and @ttillette) you may have noticed some friendly smack talk over the last week with @WoodwayTreadmil Director of Sales and Marketing Eric Weber about a new Athlete FIT Challenge Workout. In the past we have put up Challenge Workouts utilizing the Cybex Arc Trainer (see Minute on Minute off to 100 and 3:1 Fitness Challenge), the TRX superset with the Woodway Curve (30/30 for Reps and Distance), the Woodway Force (the Hard Yard), etc.

And before you start to think we are going CrossFit on you, we need to put out a disclaimer, that these are just workouts that we through up every once in awhile to break the monotony of training and put your manhood (or womenhood) to the test. This challenge was designed for team sports like basketball, soccer and lacrosse, that require you to be fit, fast and cover massive amounts of distance in short periods of time.

Today’s AthleteFIT Challenge Workout is the 4 Mile Curve Interval (some still call it the 2, 4, 6, 8 workout), which consists of 2 half miles, 4 quarter miles, 6 200’s and 8 100’s where in each of the 100’s the athlete must hit at least 90% of max speed at some point during each sprint (or it doesn’t count). Between each run (or sprint) the athlete will walk between .03 and .05 miles at a recovery pace of 1.5-3.5 mph. The only rule is, the belt of the Curve Treadmill can not stop at any point during the workout.

The Format:
(Half Miles)
Run to .50 Walk to .55
Run to 1.05 Walk to 1.10
(Quarter Miles)
Run to 1.35 Walk to 1.40
Run to 1.65 Walk to 1.70
Run to 1.95 Walk to 2.00
Run to 2.25 Walk to 2.30
Run to 2.42 Walk to 2.45
Run to 2.57 Walk to 2.6
Run to 2.72 Walk to 2.75
Run to 2.87 Walk to 2.9
Run to 3.02 Walk to 3.05
Run to 3.17 Walk to 3.20
(100’s – Hit 90% Max Speed)
Run to 3.27 Walk to 3.30
Run to 3.37 Walk to 3.40
Run to 3.47 Walk to 3.50
Run to 3.57 Walk to 3.60
Run to 3.67 Walk to 3.70
Run to 3.77 Walk to 3.80
Run to 3.87 Walk to 3.90
Run to 3.97 Walk to 4.00 miles

Here is what it “Feels” like…

If you have access to a Curve Treadmill please give it a shot. And if you complete the workout, let us know how you did either via twitter or by using the comment section below. Good luck and check your ego at the door, this one is tough.



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