Become what you believe…

I heard that line from a recent sermon on positive thinking. The point being made here was simple…if you only focus on the negative, your focus, your time, your efforts, your faith, are all going in the wrong direction. And ultimately, you will become what you believe.

I heard another saying once that has stayed with me for years…

“You are not what you think you are, and you are not what I think you are, you are what you think I think you are…”

This saying relates back to all those players that are afraid to make a mistake because of what their coach, their teammates, their parents or friends might think. They are not very confident yet in who they are and what they are capable of becoming. Instead they just want to look good in the eyes of others. So they hesitate, and allow the negative thinking to dominate their thoughts, time and energy. And this hesitation in negativity causes them to miss out on the great things they might have achieved.

My message to you today is to become what you believe. We all are here for a reason, we all have a role in life, and we all have a story that is waiting to be written. Search deep within yourself and find your dream, your passion, your calling. Then focus your thoughts on this, and have faith that because you believe it to be true … it will happen.

We all spend too much time worried about the negative, making mistakes or staying within the world’s expectations of us. Instead, we should probably let the world know that we have our own expectations of what we can do. And we should focus our thoughts on the positive aspects of our lives (our hopes, our dreams and our joys).

Seth Godin wrote about the difference between Merging and Emerging –

“Merging is when you sacrifice who you are to become part of something else. Emerging is when you use a platform to come into your own.”

Do you want to settle, and become who you think I think you are? Do you want to only do what you think I think you are capable of? Or do you want to emerge in a great and brilliant way to become what you believe…

Work hard, think positive and reach for greater things that you could ever imagine.


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