Focus Exercise: Balance Reach Back Progression

After receiving a few questions on what we are referring to when we say, “Balanced Reach Back” or “Reach Back Lunge” or “Single Leg RDL,” I thought I would throw a couple video clips together for you… (please forgive the lower quality of some of the video in the clips below)

We we begin training single legged exercises, we usually start with simple balance work, and then add variation. As always, we start by emphasizing full range of motion (this works well in a TRX or other suspension training device), and then move through this full range of motion with rhythm and confidence. Before we add load to the drills, we increase the intensity of the exercise by adding speed, pausing, jumping and sticking (all explained in more detail in our plyometric products).

When we add load we usually start with medicine balls, then progress to light dumbbells and finally to the barbell. As you probably noticed in the video, we not only progress the load in these exercises, but also the speed and complexity. I chose a few basic progressions to show how we might vary exercises from athlete to athlete (different needs, focus requirements or times of the season), but one thing that stays consistent through each of them is the forward torso lean over the stance leg (front leg), the reaching back of the hips and the control of the knee. We address each of these aspects in our ACL Return to Confidence Program.

Of course, this is just one exercise in our program, if you are interested in seeing how we blend more exercises like this into strength programs, our Strength Training For Sport: Level 1 Online Training Program expands on how we set a very broad and stable foundation with our younger athletes.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will try to get them answered…


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