Looking at Testing/Trials in a New Way

Tests are not designed to make us uncomfortable. Challenges are not laid out before us to make us nervous. We don’t go through difficult times in our lives because God is punishing us.

In our life we will face many types of tests, challenges and difficult times. We test in school, we test at practice, we are tested by our peers and by society. There are two ways you can look at tests, 1) to Expose our Weaknesses or 2) to Highlight our Strengths. How do you view testing? Chances are, the way you look at testing says a lot about the person you are (or will soon become). Those that we admire seem to view these times a time to evaluate, make changes and shine.

Difficult times test our character. How do you view these times? Those who are strong in character know that we go through tough times so that we can grow stronger. How strong, smart or prepared would you be if everyone took it easy on you…if you never increased your load in weight training…if your teachers never challenged you…if society always bailed you out of poor decisions?

Difficult times are placed upon us so that we can see what, or who we are becoming. We see where we are strong and where we are weak, and then we make the changes necessary to get on the right path. We need to welcome tests and challenges, and then we need to change or adapt to endure them and rise above. If we make these adjustments we will overcome. God did not put us here to fail, and your teachers, parents or coaches are rooting for you to succeed, as your success is a direct reflection upon their work. In a sense your test, is also their test to see how well they have done their job, how far they have brought you along and how well they have prepared you for the challenges of life and sport.

I will leave you today with this…

  1. Give thanks in hard times for it is these times that strengthen you, without them you would be weak and unprepared.
  2. Ask for help, and believe that it is on it’s way. We are not put here to fail.
  3. Do the hard thing, the right way, in tough times and you will never experience regret.
  4. You may not always get what you want, but you will get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it most.

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