PRODUCT REVIEW: AthleteFIT Review of Woodway Force Treadmill

Woodway is the company name and treadmills are their game!  This company not only makes some of the highest quality products available but also delivers top notch programming solutions to its’ customers. Woodway has 3 manually powered treadmill options on the market today – the Curve, the Ecomill, but their Force started it all. Over the past 8 years, we have used the Force on daily basis for speed development, interval improvements, dynamic leg strength, lower body rehab, and even core training. We learned quickly that in dealing with the Force the users generally had a love-hate relationship with it….hated it during, but loved it after.

But like many other trends in the health & fitness world, people generally dislike the most what ultimately brings the greatest results.  The resistive properties of the Force allow clients to train in a highly eccentric environment (similar to sand training) in a controlled and monitored setting.  The manual powered aspect allows the trainer to both challenge & progress each client individually in a group or team based setting.  These qualities are unique to the Woodway Force and ultimately lead AthleteFIT to say – May the FORCE be with you!

Here is a sample Force workout designed to improve explosive power & overall athleticism-

8 Minute Leg Strength Program (80/20):

Target sprint is 80% of max speed with 20% of user’s bodyweight set as the “load”

The jog speed should be 50% of the target sprint speed

  • Walk 10 secs
  • Sprint 3 secs
  • Jog 7 secs
  • Repeat 3 times (1 minute of total work)
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Repeat 4 times

The coaching phrase we use is : “walk as slow as you need….but sprint as fast you can”

Product Applications:

  • Dynamic Leg Strength & Power (On-court/field Acceleration)
  • Anaerobic Fitness (Speed Training)
  • Lower Body Power Endurance (Late Game Speed Endurance Simulation)
  • Resistive Speed Training (Acceleration/Sled Work)
  • Resistive Lateral Movement Training (Shuffle & Crossover)
  • Technical & Postural Speed Training (Forward Lean & Acceleration Position)
  • Return to Play ACL Programming (Resisted Backward Walking)
  • Power Endurance Interval Training (RSA & Distance Tracking)

Suggested Users:

  • Athletes (mainly power & power endurance based sports)
  • Walkers (recreational athletes)
  • Fitness Enthusiasts

Not Recommended For:

  • Unsupervised Youth Athletes  – there is a learning curve attached to using the Woodway Force because the user is belted in with a forward lean position. If the client is new to the Force and looks down while running, then they will most assuredly fall!
  • Unsupervised Novice Fitness Clientele – for the same reasons as above
  • Runners & Endurance Based Workouts – the Force is ideal for leg power & postural sprinting improvements, but not a great choice for longer duration moderate intensity activities such as jogging. The weight of the belt will wear down the client’s legs and there by make the workout program ineffective


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  1. I like the way you rated this as a “power endurance” and “dynamic leg strength” device…referring to your programs as “technical” and “resistive” when talking about speed. In my opinion the only way that you will get “speed” gains from the force is through dynamic leg strength and power. I find that some people are too afraid to up the resistance on this machine, and instead try to run at 0 load to work on max speed. I think they are missing the boat. Train dynamic power, strength and anaerobic endurance, with the most load that they can aggressively control with absolute effort and great mechanics. That is how you get faster using this machine…great workout!

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