SoccerFIT GameSPEED Test

Have you ever wondered how you compare to professional players? Do you have the skill, the moves, the speed or fitness to play at an elite level? What is the weakest part of your game? What is the strongest part of your game?

Over the last 10 years we have tested over 30,000 players world wide. We have tested World Cup Champions down to recreation level players. Over this time we have come up with a 45 minute test you can run with a few cones, a stop watch and a ball, that can accurately tell you where your rank amongst the worlds best.

The Tests:

  • Fitness – Soccer Specific Interval Test (or CAP Test)
  • Passing – Partner Passing
  • Dribbling – 6 Cone Dribbling
  • Moves/Turns – Agility with the Ball
  • Agility – Mix of 10 yard and 5 yard Change of Direction
  • Sprint – 25 yard Sprint

Once you have completed each test you can enter the scores on your phone (female page or male page) and instantly get a comparison to the best scores we have seen around the world. When you look at your scores you will also be given a points ranking.

Points System:

Every test is ranked in our points system. Our record holder in each test receives 10 points (lowest scores receive 0 points). Your score is based on how you compare to these two scores. If you score close to our record holder in any test, you may receive a high score, 9.12 points for instance. Once we have all the tests completed, we also place them into 3 categories.

  • Speed (average of your sprint and agility points)
  • Fitness (your fitness points)
  • Skill (average of your dribbling, passing and moves/turns points)

This allows you to identify where you are strongest, and what area might need the most improvement. We then average these 3 categories together and give you an overall points total. This is your SoccerFIT GameSPEED Ranking. We rank players into 1 of 4 Levels based on this overall score when we decide what types of training programs to do each day.


  • CONFIDENCE (0.0-4.5 points) – getting comfortable with the ball, footwork or fitness
  • DEVELOPING (4.5-7.0 points) – focusing in on specific technical aspects and broadening their base
  • EMERGING (7.0-9.0 points) – adding speed, complexity and tactical / situational awareness to drills
  • PEAKING (9.0-10.0 points) – managing fatigue, peaking strong areas, staying at the top of your game

To find out where you rank and to take your training to the next level, run the test and enter your scores. If you don’t want to run the full test, but want to test one score at a time, just enter the score for that test, and come back week by week to see how you are improving. Below you will find the set up and videos of each of the tests:

Set Up Video:

Fitness Test:

Set Up: 1 cone at the start, 1 cone 10 yds away, 1 cone 25 yds away

Running the Test: Start off by jogging down to the 10 yd cone and back twice, then down to the 25 yd cone and back once (complete this in 30 seconds), then repeat the interval (again in 30 seconds). After performing this interval twice (60 seconds), take a 30 second rest. After the rest, repeat the process again, but this time you need to be back in 29 seconds each time and then take a 30 second rest. Then repeat in 28 seconds, 27 seconds, 26 seconds and so on, until you cannot make it back to the start line in the required time. You will always get a 30 second break. Your score will be the interval time or level you went out on… So if you made it all the way down to the 22 second level but did not complete it, your score would be 22.

Passing Test:

Set Up: a 5 yd by 10 yd grid – players stand 10 yds away from each other

Running the Test: In 60 seconds complete as many passes as possible while standing 10 yds away from your partner (or a wall). Your score will be the total number of passes you and your partner could complete in 60 seconds. Both partners will have the same score (total passes)


Set Up: 6 Cones – 2 yds apart (total distance 10 yds)

Running the Test: This test looks at how quickly the player can move the ball through a 6-cone line by dribbling. While the player is dribbling, the coach or partner would be counting the number of gates (set of 2 cones) the dribbling player splits in 60 seconds. They get 1 point for every gate they split. This is a timed test (60 seconds) where the player is going for speed. Scores will improve as players gain a comfort with the drill, so often times we will let the players run through the test twice, recording their best score of the two runs.

Moves and Turns:

Set Up: 6 Cones – 5 yds apart (total distance 25 yds)

Running the Test: This test is run in the same pattern as the Agility Test (5), but is performed with the ball. A diagram of this drill is shown on the right. The test begins with a player at the start line, and then on the command of the coach, the player sprints with the ball down 2 cones (10 yds) and back 1 cone (5 yds) and repeats this pattern until they get to the end cone. This drill is timed with a stopwatch or electronic timing system. The player is given their choice of moves to use in the turns. This drill is a combination test of speed, agility, controlled dribbling and moves/turns. This test requires that the player’s foot get to each cone (the ball does not have to go all the way to the cone). Our fastest players can run this drill in around 14-15 seconds, while our slowest players are running the test in around 25 seconds.


Set Up: 6 Cones – 5 yds apart (total distance 25 yds)

Running the Test: This test is run exactly like the Moves and Turns test above, but with out a ball. Our older, faster players will run this test in under 12 seconds, while our younger, slower players can take as long as 20 seconds to complete the test. Comparing the scores of the Agility and Moves/Turns tests can tell quite a bit about a player’s skill and confidence. If the two scores are fairly close (within 4-5 seconds), the player has a high level of skill, but if either score is low, the player may need to improve his or her agility. If the scores are very different (greater than 7-8 seconds), the player may need to improve his or her skill.


Set Up: 2 Cones – 25 yds apart (total distance 25 yds)

Running the Test: This test is performed in the same area as the previous two tests, but only involves having the players sprint from the start cone down to the last cone (25 yds) as quickly as he or she can. It is a very simple test, and should be electronically timed if possible, as almost all of our older, faster players will score in the upper 3.5-4 second range, and our younger, slower players will score in the 5.5-6 second range. To get a clear picture of who the fastest player on your team might be, timing should be as accurate as possible (electronic timing).

Now enter your scores and see you you rank!



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