Testing Thoughts for Top Level Players

As we begin our post-season testing with over 1200 athletes, I wanted to take a few paragraphs to speak directly to our top rated athletes…

We have a hand full of players that have trained with us for several years. And over that time they have worked extremely hard to get to the top of our performance pyramid. They have battled their way through the inconsistent masses to reach a point very near their genetic potential. Although they currently sit at the top, there are countless others (in this case about 1200 others) looking to knock them off the top spot. For these players testing time is never fun…

Here is the reality… These top players have worked hard to increase their verticals, strength, fitness and speed to a point where it is, and the have to work even harder to keep it there. Once they hit this point, the best they can hope for is very small increases on a very consistent basis. While everyone else is making 2-3 inch improvements in vertical, these top players get excited about 1/2 inch.

Unlike track and field or weightlifting, their sport is very different than the tests that are used to assess their ability. We don’t spend training hours perfecting the starting technique of a sprint, as it does not apply to team sports. Although it could potentially help them to score a little higher on the test, it is not applicable to the game, and therefore we do not spend time training for the test. Instead we spend time developing things that will directly impact their performance on the field.

Bottom line is this… Testing is used to assess and identify strengths and weaknesses. It is our job to elevate your weaknesses to the point in which they are not perceived as weaknesses any longer, while simultaneously enhancing your strengths to the point at which you are dominating on the field in that area. For our lower level players (as well as our mid level players) testing is a great way to assess your progress, but for our high level players testing should be viewed as a way of assessing your consistency. Did you drop off in an area over the season or were you able to maintain? Maintenance would be devastating for a developing level player, but for our peaking players… it is a sign of success.



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