Using Your Online Training Plan

Key Features:

Getting Started – Logging In:

To access your program go to (Home Page) and follow the 3 simple steps…

  1. Click Go to My Programs
  2. Enter Username & Password (click Log In)
  3. Select the “Read Online” Version of the Program You Want

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Viewing From Your Phone:

Just connect to WiFi or use your cellular connection to access the program using the Read Online version.

  1. Contents Drop Down Menu (view your daily session options)
  2. Select a Session from Options
  3. View Your Workout at a Glance 
  4. Videos of Every Exercise are in a playlist alongside each workout for quick access to a specific exercise example. This is a great guide through the workout, allowing you to check technique, form and speed requirements for each exercise or drill.

programs on phone 6 programs on phone 6  programs on phone 6 programs on phone 6

Test and Compare Feature:

This feature allows you to check your progress and compare to our standards so that you know when to progress to the next phase.

  1. Enter Your Scores for Speed, Strength, Fitness or Skill
  2. The Test & Compare Feature give you feedback on each session
    • Where You Rank
    • Strengths and Weaknesses 
    • Motivation to Reach Your Goals

programs on phone 6 programs on phone 6

Download as a PDF:

You also have the ability to download the program as a PDF and print it off to take it with you. Once you are familiar with the exercises this is a great way to have a quick reference to the workout, record scores or targets, and make notes about goals you might have for the next session.

programs on phone 6

Downloading New Programs:

You can click on any of the options in the side bar, or browse a full list of options by going to our Online Training programs page…



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