Training with Purpose

Are you ready to take control of your game? This 90 minute workshop puts you in the drivers seat, giving you the tools to own your development, with a blueprint for success.  We start by teaching you how to create specific, attainable goals, then we help you organize a progressive program for you to achieve your goals and take your game to a whole new level. With creative training drills you can do almost anywhere, you will be able to increase your speed, skill and confidence on and off the ball. It’s a journey, and with a little help, you can learn to love the process and become the best player you can be.


Monday, June 22
Overland Park Soccer Complex Fieldhouse
$40 per person

Open to coaches, parents, and players of all ages
Limited spots available

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Workshop Agenda:

Gitt Header verticalGoal Setting

  • Why it’s important to have goals
  • Short vs. long term goals
  • How to set goals and then go after them

Taking Ownership of Your Personal Development

  • Why this is vital to success
  • Creative ways to get your training in any where at any time

Understanding and Loving the Journey

  • Seeing what you do as a journey, not a route to one destination
  • Navigating successes and setbacks along the way
  • Joy and gratitude in the process – perspective 

Training the Physical Skills

  • Balance and Body Control
  • Powerful First Step Quickness

Training the Technical Skills

  • Confidence with the ball at your feet
  • First touch and control under pressure
  • Explosive attacking drills

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“This program has had such a positive impact on my life over the past 10 years… Scott & his staff have helped develop every aspect of my game, and every year it gets better! My improvements in strength, speed, skill and fitness have helped me to achieve my dreams of winning championships and playing professional soccer.”

– Jordan Jackson, Houston Dash (#AthleteFITfam since 2005)


“Scott has helped me on numerous levels to achieve my dream of becoming a professional soccer player. From basic running and lifting technique to increasing my power, speed and conditioning… He has allowed me to push myself as a soccer player year after year, but more importantly kept me healthy and injury-free.”

Katie Kelly, Professional Player in Sweden (#AthleteFITfam since 2004)


“Training with Scott in the off-season has helped me meet the physical demands of playing at the international level with the US Women’s National Team. If you are looking to improve your game, this is what you need.”

Becky Sauerbrunn, Defender US Women’s National Team (#AthleteFITfam since 2014)