Winter FAST Registration

Pyramid Physical Side(F)unctional (A)gility (S)peed (T)raining
Nov. 7th – Feb. 24th (16 Weeks)

This is one of our most popular classes, and has become the flagship program (developing a very broad base of skills that enhance athletic performance in all sports). This class is set up to be a 1-2 day / week, 60 minute class that focuses on building confidence, strength and stability in athletic movement patterns.  Below is a short video of one of the exercises we will be performing and how we progress it within the program:

Each class includes:

  • Mobility/stability warm up to enhance rhythmic confidence
  • 2 groups: 1 focused on body control and athletic rhythm, 1 focused on power and speed
  • Power and Speed focused strength work with integrated Speed Based Fitness
  • Injury prevention through enhanced movement and strength

2x Per Week

Discounted rates for multiple children or for paying for 4 months in advance – $460 (save $60).
$ 130/month
Training 2 Days/Week-16 Weeks

1 Day/Week Option

Discounted rates for multiple children or for paying for 4 months in advance – $230 (save $30).
$ 65/month
Training 1 Day/Week-16 Weeks

Team Training

“A perfect mix of agility, speed, strength and fitness in a progressive format that will keep teams fit over the winter.”
$ 230
1 Day/Week-16 Weeks

Here are the class options for each age group:

1 Hour Team Training Options:

Schedule Day/Time
5:30-6:30pm Monday thru Friday
6:00-7:00pm Monday thru Thursday

F.A.S.T. Winter Schedule:

Time Day
(High School)
Monday thru Friday
(High School / Middle School)
Monday thru Thursday
(Elementry / Middle School)
Monday thru Thursday
(High School / Middle School)
Monday thru Thursday

Fill out the registration form below to get started. Choose the optimal class times, and use the comments box to let us know what days you would like to train. We do have 25% discounts for multiple children from the same family and will prorate the seasonal fees for those that start later in the season. Please understand that we WILL allow make ups, but will not be able to allow athletes to “pay as they go”.