Woodway Curve Fitness Profile

After performing the 3 fitness assessments laid out in the Woodway Curve Treadmill Program Guide: Part 1 you can open this page on your smart phone or tablet to calculate. Using the entry form at the bottom of the page you can enter your scores for our 3 fitness tests:

  1. MAS Score: Maximum Aerobic Speed
  2. MIS Score: Maximum Interval Speed
  3. MSS Score: Maximum Sprint Speed

After entering your scores, hit the submit button and you will see your overall ranking. This ranking is out of 10 possible points, and your points are calculated based on where you fall between our record scores and the lowest scores we see in each test. Your Total Score (or “points” out of 10) will be displayed along with your strongest and weakest categories. You can compare your actual score in each test to our record score in each test, which will give you a target to shoot for in future workouts. This will give you a good idea of how you rank, what you need to work on, and place you into one of four categories:

  1. Comfort: Between 0-3.5 points
  2. Developing: Between 3.5-6.5 points
  3. Emerging: Between 6.5-8.5 points
  4. Peaking: Between 8.5-10.0 points

Once you know your level, you will be able to select a program starting point for your fitness level in Curve Program Guide: Part 2 and Part 3. You will also be able to retest and track your progress. Our athlete will enter the scores on their phone as we do the tests during a workout, and then take a screen shot of the results table (as seen below).


Enter your scores below, and get an inside look into your fitness profile. Once you know where you stand, you will know what you need to work on and can access those workouts in our Curve Program Guides: