Sensory training helps you process the game more efficiently. With faster processing and reaction, you have more time to read the field, make the critical pass, or shoot more accurately. Senaptec evaluates and improves fundamental visual skills.

For example, better visual clarity helps you see the ball in play.

Enhanced perception span helps you recognize patterns so you can respond quicker. Multiple object tracking keeps you aware of all players on the field and their movements. Faster reaction time gives you the ability to make the right movement at the right time. For these skills and much more, sensory training is a game changer.



  • 360-Degree Awareness
  • Expand Your Vision 
  • Increase Your Focus & Precision
  • Improve Reaction & Timing 
  • Quicken Your Reflexes 
  • Dynamic Stability

Using the strobe goggles during training, allows you to expand your vision, seeing the field more efficiency. As you lock onto your target while wearing the goggles, your concentration sharpens, and your brain has to learn to track objects more rapidly. 

When the goggles come off, you will instantly notice the improvement as you react with pinpoint accuracy and impeccable timing, giving you a competitive edge in split-second decisions. It becomes easy to efficiently track moving objects with heightened visualization, ensuring you never miss a crucial play. You are able to execute swift, accurate movements, boosting your agility and responsiveness and enhancing your balance and stability for peak performance.

This heightened awareness of your surroundings, gives you the upper hand in anticipating opponents' actions, and control of your body and the ball, even under pressure.



Athletefit introduces the revolutionary Senaptec Sensory Station and Senaptec Glasses. Enhance your capabilities by temporarily removing crucial visual cues, allowing your brain to become a lean, mean processing machine. This intensified visual processing heightens your coordination, predictive skills, and decision making, resulting in lightning fast reaction times, intensified concentration, and overall boost in stability. Studies even reveal that the technology can lower the risk of concussions. Suited for athletes across all skill levels, most see improvements in just a single 15 minute session.

With the Senaptec Sensory Station, athletes have reported:

  • increased focus
  • improved depth perception
  • refined coordination 

The Senaptec Glasses, powered by advanced technology, allow athletes to:

  • heighten visual processing speed
  • enhance peripheral awareness
  • amplify reaction times



Experience the Evolution:
Liquid Crystal Lens Technology

Take your training to the next level with the Vision Sensory Accelerator program. This cutting-edge training regimen is tailored for intermediate level, high school, and collegiate athletes, as well as group sessions and post-injury return-to-play training.  The innovative Split Vision Eyewear hones your sensory skills, making it a must have for dynamic sports like soccer, baseball, football, and basketball.

Unlock performance enhancements in your athletic abilities...


Sessions start with 15 minutes using the vision board, an interactive tool with quick games to improve your visual processing speed, peripheral vision, decision making and object tracking. This helps prepare the brain for activity and allows the athlete to see and process movements more efficiently...setting the athlete up to react quickly and efficiently through improved vision and processing speed. 

Next the athlete will go through a 30 minute coordinative movement session with a coach using the strobe glasses. Working on hand-eye or foot-eye coordination and dynamic balance, the athlete will quickly improve focus, balance and reactive movement skill. 

These sessions are not physically demanding, but are mentally challenging and can be fatiguing if they last longer than 45 minutes. 

Program Price:

  • $50 per session (45 minutes)
  • $140 per month (4 week block)

Number of Sessions:

  • Unlimited sessions on the Vision Board (15 minutes/per session)
  • 1-2 coordinative movement sessions per week with the Strobe Glasses (15-30 minute sessions)


Within a single session, the athlete can expect to feel more focused. They will see things quicker, as the world around them seems to slow down. They will be able to make quicker decisions, and feel as if they have a wider point of reference in their visual scope. 

They will also feel more balanced and coordinated in quick reactive environments. As the world around them seems to slow down, and their processing speed quickens, they feel as if they are reacting quicker to what they see. And not only reacting more rapidly, but with more precision and and balance.

These benefits will relate directly to their ability to play faster on the field or court. They will be able to take in coaching cues more efficiently and respond with a clearer view of the objective. They will also notice more focus and attention to detail in their school studies.

The goal of this program is to bring visual clarity and reactive efficiency to the athletes game, improving speed of play from a mental processing and propreoceptive-coordination perspective.

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